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Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

NMT is a comprehensive program of soft-tissue manipulation for the recovery of chronic and acute myofascial (muscle) pain.  NMT examines six physiological factors which may create or intensify pain patterns. These factors are:

1. Myofascial Ischemia
2. Trigger Points
3. Nerve Entrapment/Compression
4. Postural Distortions
5. * Nutrition
6. * Emotional Wellbeing

Myofascial Ischemia:

Myofascial ischemia is caused by a deficiency of blood supply due to constriction or obstruction of the blood vessel to tissue.  With lack of proper blood supply the tissue does not receive adequate oxygen and nutrients nor the removal of metabolic waste.  Along with other symptoms, this may cause shortening of the muscle which may alter posture placing stress on joints, nerves and blood vessels.  Ischemia may lead to the formation of trigger points. 

Trigger Points:

Trigger points have a number of qualities. They may be classified as active/latent and also as key/satellites and primary/secondary.  Activation of trigger points may be caused by a number of factors, including acute or chronic muscle overload, activation by other trigger points (key/satellite, primary/secondary), disease, psycho-emotional disorders, homeostatic imbalances, direct trauma to the region, radiculopathy, infections and health choices such as smoking.

Nerve Entrapment/Compression:

Nerve entrapment/compression by skeletal structures and myofascial tissues may result in muscle dysfunction as well as pain and loss of sensory and motor function of  the entrapped/compressed nerve. 

Postural Distortions:

Postural distortions can be caused by improper ergonomics, i.e. a computer workstation not properly designed for the specific user and by improper body mechanics, i.e. the improper use of the body during physical activity.  Prolonged improper ergonomics and body mechanics may cause shortening of tissues resulting in myofascial ischemia and nerve entrapment/compression.   

* Wayne Saville does not consult on these two factors and will refer the patient to an appropriate North Carolina licensed professional if needed.

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