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Groupon/Daily Deal Information

Hello and thank you for your Groupon/Daily Deal purchase.  I look forward to meeting you.  To help your scheduling go smoothly, I have developed an online scheduler.  Please visit the “Hours and Scheduling” tab of this website or click the yellow Schedule Appointment link below.   Under the heading “Relaxation Massage Therapy”, click the session you purchased, 1 hour or 1 ½ hour session.  This will take you to the scheduling page.  To schedule your massage, click on the day and the time that you prefer.  You will need to complete the registration information before you can finalize your appointment.  You can schedule up to 3 weeks in advance.  Due to my Paramedic job, I cannot schedule out any further than 3 weeks.   


Recently there has been an unusually high percentage of Groupons/Daily Deals that have not been redeemed by their expiration date.  I have been contacted by numerous people hoping to redeem their coupons after the expiration date.  Having so many unredeemed expiring coupons is a unique circumstance for my practice so I have been working on developing a new policy for this type of situation.  I regret that I cannot simply extend the expiration date at no additional cost, however the structure of the Groupon/Daily Deal programs only affords me approximately half of the proceeds of the purchase price.  As a small business person, it is just not feasible for multiple financial and scheduling reasons to have an open ended discounted promotion. 

Please note the amount you paid for your Groupon/Daily Deal does not lose its value.  The purchase price does not expire and can be applied toward the retail price of the service stated on the voucher. Only the discount promotional deal expires.

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